How to open French wine without using specialized equipment

You don’t always have a bottle opener right in your kitchen drawer ready to enjoy the delicious taste of your newly purchased bottle. So when you can’t find the opener, what should you do? The following ways to open Cannon wine will definitely help you in similar cases!

How to open French wine with screws and hammers with pins

Opening French wine with screws and pins is quite simple. You just need to insert the screw into the center of the wick, then use a hammer with a pin to pry the wick up. If you don’t have a pin, you can use any sharp object instead.

How to open French wine with a pocket knife

Men often carry a dip knife – a pocket-sized multi-purpose knife with them to . You can take advantage of this “small but mighty” object to open a bottle of French wine easily. How to open wine with a dipper is done as follows:

  • Choose a serrated blade to create grip for the bottle cap and knife body
  • Once you have a fulcrum, slowly turn the blade clockwise
  • Until the cork is pulled up almost all the way, pull the cork out by hand
  • You need to be very careful because a sharp knife can injure you when you open a wine bottle

How to open French wine with small wire and pliers

This method requires your ingenuity and meticulousness, but to enjoy the captivating wine flavor, a little difficulty is not a problem, is it? The steps are simple as follows:

  • Use small pliers to bend one end of the steel wire, the bend angle is about 30º.
  • Cleverly thread the end of the string down the cork of a wine bottle
  • Fix the steel wire to the lower body of the wick to create a fulcrum
  • Use the pliers to apply force or pull the cork slowly out of the bottle mouth

How to open French wine with a paper-knife and a ballpoint pen

Have a good bottle of wine in hand but no opener, so how to enjoy it now?

Use immediately the stationery items available in your bags such as paper knives and ballpoint pens. You won’t be able to believe that opening wine with these items is so simple. For implementation, it is recommended to choose a paper cutter with a diameter smaller than the diameter of the cork.

  • Cut a small indent in the center of the wick button to make a fulcrum.
  • Use force to push the knife as deep inside the cork as possible.
  • After pushing the knife deeper than the body of the cork, pull the knife out completely. This is the step to make the compression pressure of the bottle body.
  • Use the tip of a ballpoint pen to forcefully push the cork down into the body of the wine bottle.
  • With this way of opening wine, you should do it slowly, do not use too much force because it can put more pressure on the bottle, the wine will splash.

How to open French wine with a paper clip

=> If you have a small paper clip available next to you, what are you waiting for without making a very simple way to open a cork by following these steps:

  • The paper clip selected must be a small stapler with a U-shaped tip
  • Thread the 2 U-shaped ends through the cork of the wine bottle
  • Use force to twist the top 2 ends of the paper clip

Use a chopstick to pierce the hole of the paper clip as a fulcrum and then use the force to gently pull the cork up.

The above are very simple ways to open French wine without specialized equipment from familiar items in your home. But before you can do the above, you need to get a bottle of premium wine.